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"How to Depolarize Society Through Open Conversation" featuring @DarylDavis and @ottman


On this week's episode of Changing Minds, @daryldavis is joined by award-winning journalist Brian Karem. The two talk about Brian's journalistic code of ethics, his stints in jail after refusing to reveal the identity of a source, his experiences interviewing high profile figures, and why journalism matters.


Changing Minds #4: Kenny Walker

On today's episode of Changing Minds With @Daryldavis, Daryl is joined by saxophonist to the legendary co-founder of Rock'n'Roll, the late, great Little Richard, who passed away just 2 weeks after this interview was recorded. Kenny talks about his start in the music business, his musical influences, the incredible musicians with whom he has shared the stage, and what it was like to work with a living legend.


Changing Minds #9: Charles Berry, Jr.

Johnny B. Goode had a son and his name is Charles Berry, Jr., @daryldavis’ guest on this week’s Changing Minds. When other kids in his class shared what their daddies did for a living, little Junior would proudly say, "My Daddy's the King of Rock 'n' Roll." Now an adult, the son of the late, great father of Rock'n'Roll---Chuck Berry---talks about his life with Dad.


Watch @daryldavis and @ottman interviewed on Digital Trends: "A meeting of the minds: Discussing civil internet discourse." #changeminds #censorship #peace #anticensorship #freespeech


Reformed skinhead and former member of the white power movement Arno Michaelis is @daryldavis' second guest on Changing Minds. In this episode, Arno and Daryl discuss the nature of fear and hatred, how Arno began to think differently, and his unlikely friendship and work with Pardeep Kaleka, son of one of the victims of a shooting at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin. Stay tuned for more episodes. Changing Minds will be uploaded to your favorite music/podcasting apps soon, we'll make sure to share those links when available. Thank you for listening!


Changing Minds #6: Eugenie Mukeshimana

The Civil War in the United States is something we learn about in our history books and through watching re-enactments on the battlefields during the summer. Today, @Daryldavis is joined by survivor Eugenie Mukeshimana, who provides us with a real-life, first hand story of what she had to go through to survive a horrific civil war in our modern day society in her country during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

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